Wedding Favorites 2019

  Wedding Favorites 2019|CT Wedding Photographer

Well it’s that difficult time once again to pick a handful of favorite images from the past year. It’s difficult mostly because so many weddings create such a range of memories and emotions for me, that often the ones I like the best are for reasons you cannot see.

Perhaps I knew how surprised the couple were to have a certain guest. Or maybe someone passed away a week or 2 adterwards. Maybe I just had a REAL blast with them! Regardless, it’s hard to express that all when simply showing off a gallery of photographs. I know that you’re ‘supposed’ to somehow get that out of your head and simply show images that really POP, but I find that very difficult as i’m far more attached to many  of these moments to treat them as a simple procedure in advertising.

That said, i’ll explain any behind-the-scenes tidbits as I go along which I hope can bring a little light into why I shared these!! ENJOY!


He was so concerned about getting his tie on correctly!

A little bit of intentional moody grain

These moments are so important, as I found out she passed away a short time after the wedding.

A quiet moment between sisters pre-ceremony

Mother of the groom take a moment to herself.


Just a wee-bit too much hairspray!




Such a beautiful view along the Hudson River at The Garrison

Well why NOT use the flower girls basket as a sun hat?

That moment right as the brides mom departs from the end of the aisle

Church is fun.


The ceremony area at Harkness is just so lovely!







Glenn Close and Annie Stark

Some tall grass at Saltwater Farm Vineyard



When your doggies are cute, you get them involved!!


All the B&W mood…

I guess like EVERYBODY takes some version of this at Hartford City Hall, but I couldn’t help myself.


Spooky museum sculpture haunting our pohotos…HAHAHA


Come on – that bowtie??!!!!

Those odd, old school chairs called for something a bit different (plus we had a willing bunch!!)


The bridesmaids see their friend for the first time



This tent design by Amy Champagne Events was to die for!


Miss Cacophony Daniels entertains the crowd at an event by Creative Concepts By Lisa

One of my favorite ‘toast’ photos ever!

He was not happy with me.


When your crowd REALLY likes to dance!

I honestly thought someone was going to get hurt here, as I had NEVER seen a ‘sheet toss’ before at a Jewish wedding…and I thought the Hora was dangerous!!!!!

Thanks to all my couples who made this (and last year) spectacular.

Also thanks to my 2nd shooters who made my work leek better than it should!

Steve Wang

Anthony DeCarlo

Steve Walter

Mellisa Koran Wilson

and Ian Witschy

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