Suzie + Jame’s Wedding At The Redding Country Club

A Connecticut Country Club Wedding


James and Suzie were married in the Summer of 2021 at the Redding Country Club. I asked them if they’d be willing to share some info about how they met and what planning their wedding day was like. Here’s what Suzie had to say….

How we met:

Two tales that ended at The Penrose on the Upper East Side.
Suzie crashed her college friend, Meghan’s, high school Christmas party in Brooklyn. As the night drew to a close and the Yankee swap ended, the group headed back to Manhattan. But it was not over. They decided to go out for a last hurrah at a bar in the UES to meet Meghan’s high school friend, Evan’s, friends. That is where James, who is one of Evan’s friends, comes into the picture. Once the groups united at the bar, James offered to buy Suzie a drink, even though she already had an almost full drink in her hand. But don’t worry, they kept talking, and the rest is history. They say nothing good happens after midnight, but I think these two would beg to differ. Their new Goldendoodle puppy is named after The Penrose, and are they are calling her Penny for short. (scroll ahead for adorable photos!)

The proposal:

Suzie and James went up to Upstate NY to celebrate Christmas with the Allens. They had enjoyed visiting the old family camp in the Adirondacks earlier in the year and had planned to make a winter trek in and maybe even spend the night.

They went up the day after Christmas. It was snowing pretty good on the three-mile walk through the woods. When they got to the camp, which stands on stills above the water, Suzie was pretty concerned about the water level as she had never seen it so high. James assured her that it was safe to spend the night and that he would warm up the camp from the 20 degrees it was to something nice and cozy.  He suggested she pour some drinks and start to relax and enjoy what they love about visiting the lake – being surrounded by the beauty of nature and being disconnected from the world for just a little bit…

…After the cabin reached a toasty temperature, James suggested that they go outside to soak in the sun’s last rays as it set behind the frozen lake. James waited for the right moment and kneeled to ask Suzie to marry him. Suzie started crying and shouted yes before James had even finished asking her. James placed the ring on her finger, and two were engaged. They celebrated their engagement with dinner and wine, just the two of them, in the cabin in the woods!

Dating during covid:

We had 2 months of dating before COVID lockdowns hit. I went up to Westchester to have dinner with James and never left.  In the third month we were dating we left NYC during COVID’s peak and lived with each other’s parents for a couple of weeks each. We fell hard and fast and feel so lucky that we met that night in December.


We got right to planning in Jan 2021 and secured our event space in CT and used their recommendations (photo, DJ) and then used you’re recommendations for video, hair/makeup to secure our vendors for Aug 2021.

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