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thanks so much for popping by!

premium-quality-photographyThe most important thing for us is that we want you to have a GREAT time and sorta forget we are even there.

With a million years experience in the wedding industry, we pride ourself on professionalism, classic style and a sense of humor (which you probably figured out by now that you’ve seen our website) We've photographed events all over New England as well as Italy, Ireland, London, the Carribean, Walt Disney World and Maui.

We want you to remember the way you felt on one of the most important days of your lives, and so we'll give you an amazing and fun experience from the time we first connect until your album is delivered.

Having lost my folks at a young age, I know how meaningful having their wedding album is to me, and I treasure the classic style of their photos. We want your photos to have that same importance to you today as well as to someone 50 years from now. We understand the importance of that special moment dancing with a parent, a crazy late-night Best-Friend-Cha-Cha or quiet moment spent with a beaming grandparent. These are moments you simply cannot replace.

Many of our couples choose to schedule an engagement session which is most importantly a way for you both to remember why you're so special to each other, and to allow yourselves to experience that personal time together before the wedding. Just the 2 of you.

Prices begin at around $2600 but most of our clients invest in the neighborhood of $5500 (of course this depends on lots of factors including the scale of the event, so if you're having something small, cool or quirky be sure to tell us!)

There's a ton more info on all of this HERE

...and if you happen to smile a lot & cry a little when you view your photos, well... then we know we’ve done our job!