about Robert

...more than anyone needs to know.


As an only kid from Queens NY back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I always did creative stuff - spending numerous hours doodling and sketching. Years later I graduated from NY’s Purchase College with a degree in Photography and Graphic Design (photography was a requirement that I was NOT interested in!) Later I moved to L.A. working on Melrose Ave (long before that dopey TV show made it 'cool') and spent two fun but exhausting years assisting a top commercial photographer.

Tired of the perfect weather and a nice tan, I moved back East and started shooting for a number of modeling agencies in NYC. So the transition into wedding photography was gradual and REALLY unexpected, as friends starting asking for my eye at their events. I soon found that weddings offered an amazing outlet for creativity and personal expression I had never anticipated.

Now I shoot about 30 weddings a year, which have taken me all over New England, up & down the East Coast as well as to Italy, Ireland, London and Hawaii (for real!) My approach to weddings has always been one of trying not to be noticed, yet also helping to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

I've also had the good fortune of photographing some pretty interesting non-wedding folks as well, including Paul Newman, Glenn Close, Harry Connick Jr., Al Gore and President Obama…you think a WEDDING is nerve-wracking?….

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