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don't let your digital files gather dust on a hard drive

Our Albums

I feel that a wedding album is an extremely important piece of your wedding, as a custom designed album not only tells the story of your day, but gives you an heirloom to hand down to future generations (I know I still love looking at my parents album which I scanned and recreated, which means the world to me.)

Completely designed here in house, I love creating a piece that you can PHYSICALLY hold, which is so much better than a drive full of digital files you may never look at!

I offer both 2 main album types: The Eldorado which is our top of the line handmade album, and The Riviera which is a beautiful, more affordable photo book.

There's everything you need to know HERE!

(actually, here is a blog post about my visit to their factory to see these being made by hand!)


Handmade Encaustic Art Pieces

I am SO excited to now offer one-of-a-kind handmade Encaustic Art Pieces. Encaustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C., and has made quite a fine art comeback in recent years.

The multi-step process involves step mounting your ink-jet image on a wood panel. Melted beeswax and oil paints are layered, heated and buffed on top, the result creating a uniquely individual piece which cannot be exactly duplicated or reproduced. The final character and look of each piece reveals itself throughout the process and truly cannot be planned out in advance.

Care simply involves keeping out of strong sun/heat and occasionally buffing with a microfiber cloth.

Your friends don't have one of these!