my 1964-65 NY World’s Fair collection

The New York 1964-65 World’s Fair | Flushing Meadow, Queens

So I know a lot of my friends think me insane for this ever-growing collection, but i’d like to give you a little background on the WHY behind it all.

Growing up in Queens just minutes from where the fair was held, the Unisphere was something I always saw – practically on a weekly basis. I used to go ice skating there (when there was an indoor rink) once a week. Despite my skating skills never improving and once falling & crying loud enough that the whole rink stopped to come over to look (–not TOO embarrassing but I sprained my ankle) I still always looked forward to going. There was something just so COOL about that giant globe which you have no doubt seen on your way to Citi Field or LaGuardia Airport.

To add to that, some of my first memories are tiny little snippets of actually GOING to the fair when I must have been around 3 years old (do the math, figure out my age and you get a gold star.) I recall the helicopter ride, the puppet show (which gave me the creeps ), The Tower Of The Four Winds (perhaps fueling my Disney obsession as well?) and little bit of Futurama.

I used to look through the guide book my parents saved over and over reading all about the exhibits, always hoping it would somehow all reappear. Through the years I kept those guide books, as well as a few minor souvenir items.

Flash forward to around 1996 when eBay was in its infancy. I would spend HOURS obsessed thinking about random items or old toys I had and discovering them on there. One day somehow I came across World’s Fair items, and the lunacy began. Hundreds and hundreds of things i’d never seen before all right there on eBay in one giant list! It was like discovering a hidden treasure chest.

Shortly after that I started going to Brimfield in MA about twice a year to go antique shopping. There I would fine World’s Fair pieces hidden amongst the glassware and paper goods, my eyes becoming trained to search out the signature Orange and Aqua colors.

As my collection slowly grew, I found out about a show held every Memorial Day weekend at a hotel in Queens put on by the World’s Fair collectors society. As much cool stuff as I thought I had, going to this put my collection to shame. Here were hundreds of item, many of them rare one-of-a-kind pieces, the likes of which i’d never seen before. This event sparked my interest in hunting out ‘oddball’ pieces; ones that were not as easy to find as the postcards and glassware that seemed plentiful.

In recent years I have slowed down on this habit, since I have SO much and generally only buy things that are, at least to me, pretty unusual. When I bought this house 10 years ago, I told myself that while I wanted to display everything, I didn’t want it spread all over the house like a hoarder. I carved out a little cabinets worth of space in my living room and until just recently that display went untouched.

Realizing that I basically had NO idea HOW much stuff I really had (there was a bin of even MORE in the attic), I disassembled my semi-permanent display (it REALLY needing cleaning too and was pretty gross) and decided to photograph it all, the result of which you see here.

There is quite a bit here and i’ll explain some of them as needed – but I hope you get a kick out of this trip into the past as much as I do!


a super cute pop-up book.



unused sheet of stamps


robertnorman_2630robertnorman_2509 robertnorman_2510 robertnorman_2511


this was a piece my Grandmother actually had!

robertnorman_2512 robertnorman_2513


believe it or not this is supposed to be used for crackers of all things!

robertnorman_2514 robertnorman_2515


this was a personal favorite as a kid (this is a re-purchased one as mine got a hole in it and wouldn’t hold air)

robertnorman_2516 robertnorman_2517 robertnorman_2518


I should show up at a wedding with this.

robertnorman_2519 robertnorman_2520 robertnorman_2521


the black plates are cool since they’re a matching front/back set.

robertnorman_2522 robertnorman_2523 robertnorman_2524

I’m not sure WHAT you;re supposed to be stirring with these little pitchforks.

robertnorman_2525 robertnorman_2526 robertnorman_2527 robertnorman_2528


now THIS I feel guilty about. The NY State Pavilion still  designed by Philip Johnson stands as a crumbling ruin, yet has a loyal group of volunteers attempting to restore it. There is even a Facebook group behind the effort. There have been rumors about it becoming a air and space museum, outdoor concert space etc etc. Apparently its unsafe for use as it is, but would cost more to tear down–so it stands unused and decaying. Anyway, back in the early 90’s you could still wander around inside if you got lucky, and these are a few loose pieces I found that were from the original huge map (which was the entire floor of the space) of NY State.

So now I feel bad that I snagged a couple of piece knowing how hard they are in trying to restore it!!

robertnorman_2529 robertnorman_2530 robertnorman_2531 robertnorman_2532 robertnorman_2533 robertnorman_2534 robertnorman_2535 robertnorman_2536 robertnorman_2537


I swear I can still remember the smell of hot plastic as the machine pressed these out for you on demand!


pretty hideous salad tongs and weird little cocktail picks

robertnorman_2539 robertnorman_2540 robertnorman_2541

this is actually a bank – you put a coin in and it SHOT it up into the Unisphere!

robertnorman_2542 robertnorman_2543 robertnorman_2544


this was one of those collectors society finds I longed or and finally got. At the time I probably paid close to over $200 for this.


this was not inexpensive either!


note the WF logo on the back of the bus.

robertnorman_2547 robertnorman_2548 robertnorman_2549 robertnorman_2551 robertnorman_2552

these guys I picked up in Maine!

robertnorman_2553 robertnorman_2554


still sealed napkins and coasters.

robertnorman_2555 robertnorman_2556


another pretty ugly item.



how cute is this? A child’s clip on bow tie.

robertnorman_2558 robertnorman_2559 robertnorman_2560


unused paper placemat.



an entire box of matches.

robertnorman_2562 robertnorman_2563


some random pins. The Futurama one is unused.

robertnorman_2564 robertnorman_2565 robertnorman_2566 robertnorman_2567 robertnorman_2568 robertnorman_2569


I have a feeling this may be a knockoff–it’s in too good a shape.

robertnorman_2570 robertnorman_2571 robertnorman_2572 robertnorman_2573 robertnorman_2574 robertnorman_2575 robertnorman_2576


this game is cool but looks incredible boring!


this I don’t want to fully assemble since it would be kind if ruined, but its a paper 3-d ‘pop-up’ board game.

robertnorman_2578 robertnorman_2579


this is one of those weird pens where when you tip it the thing inside the liquid moves. You have probably seen the saucy ones where the woman top comes off!

robertnorman_2580 robertnorman_2581 robertnorman_2582 robertnorman_2583 robertnorman_2584 robertnorman_2585 robertnorman_2586 robertnorman_2587


now I know this is silver plate since it tarnishes really quickly, but the thing is you can’t tell from the photo is that it’s REALLY small – like maybe 4 inches. So i’m uncertain as to whether it’s for condiments or an incredibly small child.



another vinyl tote bag.

robertnorman_2589 robertnorman_2590 robertnorman_2591 robertnorman_2592


so this was a toy I had as a kid and LOVED. Sadly mine disappeared (as in got thrown away) so this is an eBay find I probably paid WAY too much for.



now this I had been hunting for practically FOREVER. It’s one of the metal signs used on the highway to direct people to the fair. Many of them had arrows painted on them (to designate exits), so i’m not sure if this was was somehow unused so simply a sort of guidepost one.

robertnorman_2594 robertnorman_2595 robertnorman_2596


boy scout scarf.



this is rather large–maybe 2 foot across or so.



so the guidebook on the left is the TWA one my Dad got from work that I used to look through for hours. What a strange child I was….

robertnorman_2599 robertnorman_2600 robertnorman_2601 robertnorman_2602


this is kinda cool as that’s my Moms writing on the top one.

robertnorman_2603 robertnorman_2604 robertnorman_2605 robertnorman_2606 robertnorman_2607


that’s me on the right having drinks at the fair 🙂

robertnorman_2608 robertnorman_2609 robertnorman_2610


quite the elaborate Futurama souvenir book!


who’s up for Hot Dutch Tuna Buns?!

robertnorman_2612 robertnorman_2613 robertnorman_2614 robertnorman_2615

unused paper bags and a shopping bag.



I know everybody says they HATE this song but I must have played this 45rpm a gazillion times.

robertnorman_2617 robertnorman_2618 robertnorman_2619 robertnorman_2620 robertnorman_2621


a silk (or polyester perhaps) ladies scarf.



one of those awful linen ‘towel’ calendars.



this is cool and pretty new to the collection – a child’s umbrella. (I guess kids then were too weak for full-sized)



lots and LOTS of postcards!

robertnorman_2625 robertnorman_2626 robertnorman_2627 robertnorman_2628


So there you have it – in probably more detail then you care to witness. If you are at ALL interested THIS SITE is incredibly comprehensive in regards to everything World’s Fair!


  1. Gail Savage O'Connell on May 4, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    Very nicely done! As a former employee of the New York 1964/1965 World’s Fair while a student in College (as a “Golden Girl”, named for the color of our uniforms & serving as Fair Tour Guide & Information Booth Staffer), I enjoyed the trip down memory lane & viewing all the mementos!

  2. Jeff on May 5, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    Great collection. I went 13 times and still have a box of memorabilia. Want to buy my Heinz pickle pin or irradiated dime? – Jeff

  3. John Rainwater on July 22, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Just found what I assume is a bracelet charm while cleaning out the rust/insulation/carpet from under the backseat of the 1966 Olds Starfire I am restoring. I didn’t see one in your collection.

    • robert on July 22, 2015 at 7:00 pm

      Oh gosh no–I don’t think I have one of those!!!

  4. David Elliston on October 31, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    Nice display of items.

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