Wedding Favorites 2011


Lo and behold – here it is finally: my collection of some of my favorite images from 2011. It’s always a very difficult project to tackle, this end of the year summation, and  I always look towards it with both excitement and fear. Think about this—Lets figure I shoot 30 weddings a year. Before editing that’s about  84,000 images a YEAR, and after editing thats roughly 1200 images per event, so that’s STILL a whopping 36,000 shots left to shuffle through (my trigger finger hurts just thinking about all that shutter pressing) The other tough part is that many images have a special meaning to me, as they may conjur  a moment from a day–something someone said, a mood I was in (not that i’m moody…) or the memory of what it took to CREATE it with whatever circumstances you had  (…lest ye not forget this was the year that it hit about 110 degrees one weekend, as well Miss Irene The Hurricane that blew through!) And so because of that, you find yourself choosing images that many people might wonder, “Why is THAT shot in there?” But if I worried about that too much i’d go crazier than I already am. There are a number of shots I included this time around, that I just felt were cool, and not even all that ‘wedding’ related (the guy on his cell phone in the fog comes to mind.) When you produce as many images as any wedding photographer does, I think most in the business would agree that there are singular moments – perhaps only 3 or 4 images – from each event that TRULY sum up the event for you. I call them the ‘iconic’ shots of the day, which sounds pretentious, but are the ones that kinda ‘say it all’ when I see them and can bring me back to the entire day.

I hope then that you enjoy this little recap of my past year..a tough job to keep under 6 minutes for sure, but fun nevertheless. So as always I say in advance : if you were one of my 2011 couples and you do not see a shot in here–please don’t write me an angry letter. This is just a little fun thing I do for myself.

But if you DID end up in here and are happy about it, gifts and cash are always appreciated   🙂

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