taking a great photo, almost anyplace

The assumption that you need the ‘perfect’ location to achieve a great photo is a fallicy. Nearly every weekend at a wedding, you are striving to create beautiful images out of often less-than-ideal locations or lighting. You mark have heard me say before that wedding photography is more than anything else, getting great shots fast and in poor conditions. I thought of this when I was shooting Sunday (in my driveway!!) and took a step back top see the view AROUND our model. I thought i’d snap a shot of the entire scene so you could see the snippet of the area that was used for the final image.

and the final shot -minus the tractors  🙂

I was lying on my side, camera almost on the ground with a 70-200mm lens, 1/160, sec F2.8, 200mm. ISO 200

So the next time you think you’re stuck for grabbing a great shot in a tough location – stop, think and LOOK!! See beyond what you see and make the shot happen.

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