Some Kind Words From Recent Clients

It’s not often that I use this space to post company reviews, but since we received 3 great ones recently I thought – HEY! Why not share the love with everybody! It’s not everyday that folks take the time to write a review, so the effort it takes to write and post etc is SO appreciated!

So here we go…hope these make you smile like they did us!

wedding at The Inn at Longshore, Westport Connecticut, Ct shorel

We cannot say enough nice things about the great Robert Norman. From our first communications with him, he immediately was responsive and seemed excited to capture the most important day of our lives through his lens. Later on, when we spoke on the phone, he was such a pro, reassuring us and sharing a bit about the way he likes to work (for example, timing and timeliness is very important to him, and although of course he is super flexible and is there to work with you, he also wants you to understand the impact that timing has on your photos so you can better plan your timeline, also he loves a First Look and he’ll explain why). I even let him know in advance about a couple of preferences of mine (we all have our “things,” and I have a side in which I prefer to be photographed and also asked him to be mindful of my arms so they don’t look fat and he was very considerate and reassured me he would keep that in mind – and he sure did). The day of, he showed up bright and early as we were getting ready, and we immediately all felt at ease with his presence. He is warm, friendly, and has such good energy. He is never intrusive, he just does his thing, and believe me, on your wedding day, it is such a relief to have such a pro around. He and Ian, the assistant photographer he brought along for the day, were an absolute delight. If you are thinking of cutting costs on your photos, as we initially were, think again. There are cheaper photographers, sure, but when you see Robert’s photos, you will cry of happiness because he is simply magical at what he does. He has a fantastic eye and captures very special moments that you will cherish in a tangible way for the rest of your life. The posed official photos are fantastic – thank you Robert for getting me from my good “diva” side, I feel like a movie star!) but so are the ones of us, our family members, and our guests just being present, living in the moment, laughing, crying, dancing, embracing, and being surrounded by love. Robert and Ian captured it all and for that we are eternally thankful. There are no do-overs when it comes to wedding photos, so do yourself a favor and go with the best.



I am not a wordsmith worthy of expressing of how extraordinary the quality, feel, excellence, love, completeness of capturing the day/feel/event/life-long-keepsake that your images convey.  Every time for years and years to come, when we look at the images, EVERYONE will feel as if we/they are in the moment.
My wife and I chose Robert as or photographer and we could not be happier. Neither of us feel like we’re photogenic but Robert Norman and Stephen made us so comfortable. The entire day was fantastic and wet are so glad that Robert was there to capture it. Robert has the great ability to be a comfortable photographer and still capture amazing shots at the same time. Whatever type of wedding you want to have, he can capture it. We couldn’t recommend him any more.

There aren’t words to express our gratitude for what it meant to have you as our photographer on our wedding day. You took two goofy kids, and made us feel like rock stars. When you walked into the bridal suite, I breathed a sigh of relief, and “squealed” (as you do when you get an awesome shot) because you were there. You captured the essence of us and you embraced the craziness of our friends and family with open arms and patience.

Again, thank you simply doesn’t cut it. And thank you for recommending Geoff too! You two and the Ians were simply an all star team!

Ali & Dan

Ps. We really would love to have you over again for wine and cheese!

Robert Norman is the best! From the moment we first met him, we both felt instantly comfortable with him and knew he would capture out wedding with style and class. All of our family and friends loved him and he made everyone feel beautiful. There are so many pictures that I did not known he had taken and he has preserved memories of our wedding for a life time! I would recommend him without any reservations!! He was worth every penny!! – Claudia & Derrick

First of all, we were floored by how quickly we received the pictures back. We were anticipating a much longer wait time before we even allowed ourselves to get anxious 🙂
Secondly, now we can’t stop looking at them – everything looks wonderful and captures this amazing day for us in a way that we will treasure forever. We both keep saying how these are some of the best pictures of ourselves we have ever seen – ever!! Not to mention the ones of our family and friends to boot.

We had an amazing experience working with you from start to finish – the process always seemed fun and easy. While we were always confident in our choice to work with you, the results were beyond what we even imagined. We can’t wait to start putting our albums together soon and of course to grab a drink (or a few!)

Love, A&D
PS – after posting this I just realized that all THREE of these weddings were at The Inn At Longshore!
Oh, and for the record: and I never turn down wine OR cheese…



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