Sarah+Matt : an intimate wedding

Sarah and Matt came to CT from Indiana for a very small, intimate wedding with about 35 guests. They were married in a barn on Matt’s sisters property by the always wonderful Mary Coburn ( who I SWEAR makes every ceremony so personalized, that I don’t know how she does it. She got me misty eyed at this one! )

we stopped at Dr. Mikes Ice Cream in Monroe CT before we went to the ceremony! Mmmm-pumpkin!

* * * *

* * * *

after the ceremony we went to Shelton to Il Palio for dinner

congrats guys – and thanks for the GREAT dinner too!!!


  1. Becky Kincaid

    I love every photo. I knew they would be fabulous.

  2. Aunt Diana

    These were fabulous photos. I enjoyed every one of them. What a beautiful wedding!!!!

  3. Erik Souza

    Robert, I swear you are the king of bringing out the natural essence of who people are with your photography!

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