Pet Portraits at Canine Kindergarten

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Had I not left so fast because of the 93º heat, one of them might have been sitting on my lap right now.

I had the opportunity again today to give my time to Canine Kindergarten in Verplank, NY  It’s been a really fun project for this dog lover to help out a little in trying to get these animals adopted. Today was especially rough – not because of the animals – but because it was blazing hot. We worked as fast as we could along with the volunteers to keep it moving along to get them back into into the A.C. !

You just never know what to expect as the dogs come out to be photographed. Some are very young and spunky, some rather old. Some super-friendly while others very timid and jittery. It’s a photo job requiring trying to work fast, see what the dog will (or will NOT) be willing to do and try and capture their essence before they totally lose patience.



I can’t lie – I was a bit enamored with this fella.


And this time we had a special guest appearance by 4 week old kittens!!!




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