Old Lahaina Luau and Hawaii 'engagement' session

Maui wedding engagement session and Luau ‘rehearsal dinner’

…well here we go with part one of my Hawaii wedding adventure. Adrienne and Trent were married a few weeks back in Maui, and I was lucky enough to be asked to tag along. The day before the wedding, we had a small, fun “engagement shoot” ( hardly an engagement shoot the day before, but you get the idea…) We wandered the Wailea Beach Marriott property as there were a LOT of great vantage points I had been eyeing all week ( I arrived a week early for vacation time ) Afte which we headed to Lahaina for some pix along Front Street before we all ended up at the REALLY fun Old Lahaina Luau! 


The view of West Maui in the distance is just amazing–and I kept trying to get it in as much as I could!


I decided I need to get into SOME sort of photo before I left Hawaii!


please ignore the pasty legs….


Trent is extremely tall.


 In Lahaina is the worlds largest Banyan Tree. The trunk you se in the distance on the left is also part of it!


yup – we actually got a brief rainbow!



at this point we were hot, wanted to sit and it was time for an open bar with Mai Tai’s…..


they unveil the roasted pig from the sand–which is kinda gross but apparently a big deal to go and watch.


Grandma is all smiles as she meets some Island Boys….


I know these are always supposedly kinda goofy, but being this was my first Luau, I really enjoyed it!!


you can check out my 3 minute luau video on You Tube HERE


all the ‘lovebirds’ went out to dance, and while I felt like a stalkery-sniper, I managed to grab a shot of our couple dancing!


after which our ring bearer  went out for his own dance!!


 stay tuned for part 2 – the wedding itself!!

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