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Ron and Maura were married a few weeks back at Jonathan Edwards Winery up in North Stonington CT. This was a second wedding for them, so there was no bridal party and their kids were involved in the ceremony. So the whole day really had a great, personal feel a lot of huge weddings can sometimes lose.

Maura helped her daughter (also the flower girl) get a little touch up before we left for the vineyard.

Down in the lobby of the hotel, the boys were hanging out before we left for a First Look

this little guy just has SUCH a great face to photograph!

We had a lot of drizzle and rain this day, so the First Look and ceremony were moved into the cask room at the winery.


Maura braved the cold ( it really WAS chilly) for a few outdoor pix when the rain let off for a few minutes

And speaking of GREAT faces – Ron’s dad had an unbelievably expressive one to photograph!



my future competition—

Ron and his mom–so sweet!!!


we had a WHOLE ‘lotta dancing this night!!

the kids table VS. the adults table—

I love this shot, I tried all night to get the glow of the electronics on the kids faces. I finally just hovered over them, and of course they never noticed!

Thanks so much for a fun and easygoing day!! Also thanks to Ian Witschy for helping out with shooting and carrying stuff for me!

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