A Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding | Kristen+Mark

So it was just about a week ago that Kristen and Mark were married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. We had a rainy day and everything was moved inside due to the weather, but still went off without a hitch and provided me with an opportunity to look for and photograph the facility in a new way…

I saw their sign on the way and hopped out in the rain to grab this quick shot!


I absolutely love this: check out Kristen response to seeing her flowers for the first time!

the leather sofa worked great for a super-tight textured closeup of their rings.

the pouch (on the right) which contained the rings, was her grandmothers handkerchief! It had a little ballerina on it!

some spontaneous wedding-day-twirling…


the guys showed up and fixed worked on their finishing touches downstairs at the vineyard

Marks best man helped adjust that pesky, uncooperative  pocket square

a little makeup check and ‘don’t start crying’ bridesmaid fanning…

I have to say, I REALLY like this getting into the dress shot–you’re frequently  banished from the room while this happens.



an indoor First Look surrounded by wine–what could be better?


OH my gosh–the light coming in from the side windows was so soft and amazing…

Now it turns out, this is the first time they have ‘reversed’ the direction of an indoor wedding at Saltwater having guests face the casks rather then out the window. I  (as well as Kristen and Mary Coburn – who was officiating) , all thought it a better idea light wise—and it worked out GREAT!

did someone say ‘vintage’ and ‘Mercedes’? I’M THERE!!!


they were real troopers for this image as it was–well…misty and crappy out to be perfectly blunt!

A Thyme to Cook doing their thing – wonderfully and deliciously—as usual..



more Thyme To Cook dessert-time yumminess!


…the night ended with candied apples and ‘evidence’ bags filled with donuts for the guests to take home. Mark is a State Trooper ( get it? Police? evidence? DONUTS!! )

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