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You know I really DO try and be diligent in sending out images to vendors and location s much as I can, but it really gets hard to keep up during the busy days of the wedding season. Often times i’ll send out a disc and kinda forget I even SENT it ( which is bad, I know ) Now and then it will cross my mind to look at a venue to see if it’s been updated or changed in anyway. Today I happened upon the website of one of my favorite venues, Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington CT. It’s not only one of the most beautiful spots ion CT for a tented event in my opinion, but the people there are ALWAYS super-nice and accommodating. Erica is always on top of everything and events just seem to run very smoothly on a regular basis–there are hardly ever any glitches.

Anyhow, it made my day today seeing these utilized in such wonderful way on their updated site, and I know these couples will be thrilled as well!

Also be sure to check out the videos on the site as well from Buzz Media, which actually taught me a few things about the vineyard I didn’t know!!


jonathan Edwards Winery

jonathan Edwards Winery

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