Jonathan Edwards Winery wedding: Alison + Erik

Connecticut vineyard wedding , North Stonington Winery

Alison and Erik were married this past weekend at St Patricks church in Mystic CT, with a gorgeous reception afterwards at the always amazing Jonathan Edwards Winery.

 We started the day with the guys and gals all getting ready at the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa



Erik was right down the hall with the fellas, and here Alison’s brother – one of the groomsman- makes sure my opening the shades for extra light will not give Erik too clear a view of her dress which was hanging in her window right across the courtyard!!!!

a little champagne in a Starbucks cup toast. Very resourceful, i’d say…



Alison’s mom adjusts her necklace



Tony from Datura: A Modern Garden. I just do not know how he does it. I really don’t. No matter what he does he always manages to impress and surprise me. (And i’ve watched him create stuff right on the spot with string and glue and whatever he has – and its incredible!)



Alison’s proud Dad




If i’m able to be up front during the processional, this is always one of my favorite moments: when the groom finally takes the brides hand at the altar. There’s always ‘that look’ – that’s just really something special.



we had some incredible, dramatic clouds this day!



photo nerd alert: you couldn’t ask for better, softer, more even, beautiful light if you TRIED than a wonderful puffy cloud passing by!



I can never resist this stone wall, but usually do not shoot in this direction due to the light. Today however, it was perfect, BUT there were trucks parked on the other side, so i’m down on my side lying in the grass for this angle.



I asked her brothers to give her a big smooch on her cheek – hence her disgusted face 🙂

Brothers are icky.



LOVE the matching socks!



OK – so let me interrupt and explain this…

We were doing a ‘group walking’ shot towards the back of the vineyard and one of the groomsmen mentioned something about zombies chasing them. Typically I would have let it pass, but for some reason this day it seemed like a funny idea….

so – – – well: here you go! I know, i’m nuts.



now, back to our regularly scheduled programming


Tony did all these great, little glasses with a variety of flowers of different sizes. Really cute.


 thanks to everyone for making it a great day, especially A Thyme To Cook for their wonderful catering!



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