Hello and Goodbye


—to start just a fast hello and quick preview from Ashley and Andy’s amazing wedding in Weekapaug, Rhode Island this past Saturday. This particular image just speaks to me, as –well– you KNOW I loves me some vintage stuff, and this Vintage Ford Thunderbird was a total surprise to me. I practically drove off the road trying to drive AND shoot this at the same time on the way to the Weekapaug Golf Club.  There will be lots more from this wedding when I return….



The second thing is that I turned a rather large number this past weekend on my birthday (I’ll let you guess, but it ain’t pretty) Anyhow, I’m lucky enough to have several friends of mine who have planned and are joining me for a secret trip to Europe. And when I say secret, I MEAN secret as I do not know where I am going. Incredibly, that was my idea, as I REALLY enjoy planning trips. So to be totally out of the loop and kind of having no control ( no OCD here…) has been rather strange. So i’m heading out Sunday (after 2 weddings this coming weekend in Westport at Longshore and Hartford on stage at The Bushnell Theatre) to my undisclosed location.

Keep an eye out here or on facebook to see where I ended up and I make it back!

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