Encaustic Process Photography Workshop at Inspire Photo Retreats 2014

Some of you may know that’ve been dabbling in the Encaustic process for the last 2 years or so, and started doing it for personal fun as well as offering it as well for my couples who are looking for something ‘one-of-a-kind’ and different from their wedding. So when I considered applying for speaking at the wonderful Inspire Photo Retreats this year, I thought offering a class on the process would be fun. Well, they accepted my proposal and so off to Sturbridge in chilly February shall I go!

Today they posted a blog post I wrote about my general thought process behind it and how I initially got excited by it!!!

Here is the link to the Inspire post:   http://inspirephotoretreats.com/blog/encaustic-process-photography-robert-norman/

Sign up is now open–so now’s the time to stop dilly-dallying and register!!!







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