Disneyland After Dark – Throwback Nite 2018

A Disneyland special event – Throwback Nite

Not a wedding post (of which i’m REALLY behind on – but something a little a little different for your saturday)

I can pretend that I didn’t work my entire visit to California last week around this event – but i’d be lying. The first late-night Disneyland After dark had a ‘throwback’ theme – harkening back to the 1950’s and 60’s…so you know…I kind of HAD to be there….

I didn’t take any photos DURING the fireworks, but it was the original production from 1956. It was amazing how simplistic fireworks were then – no fuss, nonsense or over-the-top digital projections–just music and 5 minutes of ‘basic’ fireworks. Ok – done... now move along people.

a DJ (with the beehive!) on main street played all night taking requests and dedications

a few details from Tomorrowland


Just some of the fun and sights of people dressed up on Main Street USA!

Most folks were very welcoming to have a quick photo taken (I would kind of run up and ask before they could ay no!) . Some gave me a ‘what the hell?’ face – but generally not! I mean, why wouldn’t you if you got all dolled up?


Dancing to another live band!


I especially enjoyed the ‘Crooners’ aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat


On the way out there were ‘water sketches’ on the Main Street USA sidewalk



Here area few taken by the Disney photographers that night. It seemed people were more into the dancing and photo ops than anything else! With only about 10,000 people and the park open from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am was amazingly ‘quiet’. No pushing- no strollers running over my toes, music everywhere and dancing – it was really cool!


Me and my prop pipe.


One of the original Skyway cars


The photographer made me take this pose…I think she liked the camera.


I finally got to be on TV….and in black and white no less.I found out about this event at the Disney Parks Blog – check it out if you want to watch for more of these!


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