Amanda + Patrick's intimate Estate wedding – Redding, CT

private wedding in Redding CT | Photographed by Jay Fleming for Robert Norman Photography

Amanda and Patrick were married in July at hers Dad’s home in Redding CT, and  just SO terrific because it was so intimate ( 20 people! ) Sometimes photographing a small event can actually be more challenging than a large one, as it’s hard to ‘disappear’ and go unnoticed, but Amanda and her family were so gracious that they made the day a breeze…


yup – that’s right: there was a Rolls Royce on hand!


Jay had a chance to get some shots of Patrick before he and Amanda’s ceremony



look at that sign: can you STAND it?!

I love this sequence!!!

my favorite shot of the day!

…although this is a close second for favorite!



everyone then headed to the Roger Sherman Inn in New Canaan for the reception dinner


thanks for Jay for doing such a great job and Amanda and Patrick for inviting us into your day!

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  1. Amanda on August 21, 2012 at 10:35 am

    We adore our wedding photos! Jay was fun, easy to work with and a part of the party! These images truly capture how special our day was. Thanks!

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