A Classic June Wedding at Lakota Oaks

A June Wedding in Connecticut  | Lakota Oaks

Alison and Matt were married at Lakota Oaks in Norwalk in early June. They had actually been referred to me by my friends at The Plumed Serpent Bridal in Westport.

About the wedding day, Alison says in her own words, “Matt and I were friends first and foremost. I think the funniest part of our whole story was how I sort of bullied him into dating me. When I asked him out he said it wasn’t a good time for him right now, so I said “Well what about tomorrow?” I also still laugh about the vow blunder, where Matt said “I will stand up to you” instead of “stand up for you”. Really summarizes the relationship well…”

Matt gets ready in another part of the property


I LOVE this dress detailing!


Things start shaping up at the church before the ceremony



Alison and her Dad arrive in his convertible(!!)

These 2–too cute!!!


Matt catches his first glimpse of Alison.


The Westport Unitarian Church –  i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rather enamored by it’s mid-century asthetic  – needless to say I looked it up online to see what I could find out about it:

In January of 1959 New York architect Victor Lundy’s design for the church was accepted. All who enter the sanctuary of the Unitarian Church in Westport for the first time are struck by the image of its soaring roofline — described by some as a bird in flight, protective wings or hands, or even a ship taking sail. The roofline of the church hovers, made from hundreds of two-by-fours laid endwise and sweeping upward. Architect Lundy, commenting on his design noted that “Dialog — the question, the open end, the unresolved — this is all a part of Unitarian-Universalism. This is carried out in the roof — in two parts — never quite coming together, and a skylight allowing light to come in.” Designed in 1959, construction of the building was completed in 1965. It won the Progressive Architecture Award in 1960. The pulpit, also designed by Lundy, was a gift to the church from Norman Cousins dedicated to Dr. Albert Schweitzer.


Ok, ok…back to the wedding…


Alright, just a little more about the church…

So were taking these formals and I said, “That church looks like Darth Vaders ship or something from this angle! I could ad an Ewok, you know? (only half joking)”

“Sounds good to us!” They said.

 Your wish is my command….





Back at Lakota Oaks, we were Ewok-Free.


This is probably my favorite from the day. I usually don’t go THIS dramatic with the B&W but thought i’d give it a shot with this image – I think it worked!


I love getting right in there and grabbing really FUN dancing shots! Peoples guard is down and you can get such real images!


One more shot right at dusk!


Thanks to everyone who made this a great day!

The Plumed Serpent – bridal (who also referred Alison to me! If your in Westport be sure to stop and AND check out that SWEET baby blue door…)

Elegant Effects flowers – florals

Lakota Oaks / Hazel Scudder – venue

My pal Matt at DMO Films  – video

and of course, Mr Steve Wang for 2nd shooting!





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  1. Hazel Scudder on March 22, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    A fabulous day with amazing photographers and videographers. Robert and Matt, your work is always impeccable and makes the day come alive again and again. Thank you for sharing!

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