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Hong Kong part two – Around The City

Hong Kong – some images from around the city So here in part 2 of images of my rather whirlwind trip to Hong Kong, I want to share a handful of images form ‘around town’. These are mostly ones taken while wandering the city here and...
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Hong Kong part one – The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

Ngong Ping, Lantau Island The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery were definitely one of those travel surprises you don’t expect and was certainly one of the highlights of my trip to Hong Kong this week.. When I heard about it I sort of thought to myself,...
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A Slow Boat To China (or a 16 hour flight…)

Somehow April has become travel-month for me this year, which is always exciting. Tomorrow morning I take off for a 16 hour journey to Hong Kong! A little over a year or so ago I had the rare chance to visit Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. This time around...
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Trafalgar Square fountain

OK, well this certainly isn’t the most earth-shattering post i’ve done but I just wanted to simply share an image! I’m heading back to London in late April  (actually spending more time in Scotland, but still…) and havent been...
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2015 Wedding favorites

CT Wedding Photographer | Vintage Photography for Modern Couples Better late than never as they say: I’ve FINALLY gotten around to choosing a handful of favorite wedding images from this past year. This always SEEMS easier than it really is as it’s...
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The ‘why’ Behind What We Do

  As photographers we generally all complain, especially at the end of the season, about how exhausted we are and how we need a break and how we want to sleep for a week straight, which I suppose is similar to anyone looking forward to their vacation (our...
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Your Camera Takes Great Photos

You’ve been at a wedding for 9 hours fighting heat or cold or wind and bridesmaids and traffic when out of the blue a guest, noticing your camera says: “Wow, I’ll bet that camera of yours takes great pictures!” I’m all for the latest and greatest...
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Beckwith Pointe Wedding – Ottavia + Richard

New Rochelle Westchester NY wedding | Beckwith Point Lets take a trip back to a warm Summer day at Ottavia and Richard’s wedding at Beckwith Pointe. Previously I had the privilege of photographing Richards sisters wedding in 2013 at Jonathan Edwards...
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Reverie Gallery Readers’ Choice Award for 2015

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been voted one of 100 companies (only 10 in each of the 10 categories) chosen by the readers of Reverie Gallery to win the Reverie Gallery Readers’ Choice Award for 2015 You can see all the winners here...
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Astoria NY engagement session | Ali + Dan

Queens NY engagement shoot Ali and Dan are getting married next July at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. We had toyed with the idea of also doing our engagement shoot there, but figured that might be TOO much Central Park! Instead, we opted for Astoria...
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