we’ve joined the Reverie Gallery!

Ta-Da! Today we are excited to announce our affiliation with Reverie Gallery, a wedding resource for the ‘savvy & stylish’ (I love that!)

Started by Erica Powell who was the Founder and Creative Director of Ambiance Luxe Wedding Designs, she says of the site: “After planning a little under two hundred weddings, I founded Reverie Gallery to bring my passion for weddings to the next level. We created an Inspirational Blog for couples around the world showcasing weddings of every style from wild and funky, to modern, to classic and traditional, and vintage. If it’s stylish, well put together, and unique you can find it on our website.”


Personally, I am especially pleased to see that they are anxious to showcase a variety of styles of work, and are not looking to only focus on a single ‘look’ which I think so many weddings blogs are guilty of. That approach does a disservice to brides as it limits the realm of photographic possibility. There are so many different photo styles out there, and it’s great that Reverie is willing to embrace that!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.39.23 AM

So if you have a minute take a peek and get inspired!!


Reverie describes the Gallery in this manner:

Reverie Gallery was designed and developed as a resource for engaged couples to assist in choosing the best possible vendors for their personal style, as well as to bring wonderful weddings into the hands of the most skilled and talented vendors.  Our blog showcases the best and most beautiful weddings in every style from vintage, to classic, modern, exotic, and whimsical. Reverie Gallery was born through a mix of our truest passions: our love for family, our affection for beauty in design all around us, a devotion to meticulously planned and visually beautiful events, an affinity for representing businesses we believe in, and our personal dreams for a business with heart and soul.

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