Trust In The Pouring Rain

Who knew I had a swagger?


Was she talking about me – about US?! Their experience could not have possibly been this special. How could it be? I mean geez, we were just doing what we always do.

Yet it seemed that we really clicked  – we all fit incredibly well as a wedding day ‘group couple’ if you will.  It seemed no decision was questioned – no photo idea turned down. No doubts whatsoever.

And that includes when I made them stand in the rain and we were completely trusted.  I mean, I KNEW right then that it would be THE shot. The iconic one of the day that would be hard to top. The drop the mic i’m DONE kinda image.

So when this email arrived unsolicited 2 days into their honeymoon (!!!) I was totally floored. Gobsmacked. (I just wanted an excuse to use that word!)

Self doubt can rear its ugly head frequently in the business.

Sometimes long emails are bad news, but now and then it’s the kind words you needed to hear at the right place and right time. The ones that make your day. Your week. And more or less your year. They reinforce that you truly ARE doing what you’re meant to do.


-shared here in its entirety with permission-


Dear Robert,
I feel so lucky you were a part of our wedding day! From the moment I met you at your house, I became basically obsessed with your photography style and your magnetic energy. Your creative eye combined with your sensitivity to tender moments topped off with your skillzz is such a gift. I just felt a click with you. I remember leaving your house after the initial meeting and thinking I could talk to you forever – I wanted to see your personal travel photos haha. I trust, respect and love your style so much. It was a blessing to have you as part of our day! I couldn’t wait to see you 🙂 I am going to miss you! Can we meet up for drinks? I will pay for a photography lesson? We can’t just wait for a maternity shoot, no no no.
Thank you for always being so responsive to every email or call. From the initial inquiry, to modifying our almost rain out engagement session plans, clarifying formal picture questions, forming and tweaking a timeline.
Thank you for being so easy going with everything on Saturday. I can’t believe Jonathan showed up Chewing. Gum. to the first look but I thank you for getting him in line. I laughed hearing the story of you asking him “…are you chewing GUM?” Bwhahha. I died. We loved the swagger in your step after you took the shot with the foggy background and came up to say…”not for nothing but check this out!” And then I lost my mind at the beauty. Your flexibility and patience when I asked you to take a picture of this group, or that group throughout the night was appreciated…or how you stayed to grab a few extra precious moments for us. I just cannot thank you enough and I hope you know how meaningful that was to me that you went out of your way.
Steve (2nd shooter) was wonderful. What an incredibly nice, positive, funny guy. So happy to have him too! I expected a second shooter, err photographer, to be great at their job…but to add the level of personality and kindness to it, just really, made it so fun and memorable. My heart runeth over.
And did you send a picture of Jonathan and his mom to his mom?!?!?! Over. The. Top. You cannot know how much that means to her. Gahhh, thank you Aaaand now I just saw the picture of My Grandmother on instagram (see below). ❤❤ Ive been writing this email for days actually and every DAY I have more to thank you for (said with a tear in my eye).
Can you tell me about your album options again? I am just dyyyiiinngg looking over these photo previews and want to rethink having a proper album.

Thank you!!


Ps. Jonathan asked if I spent as much time writing out my card to him on the wedding day as I have writing this email to you. “Uh, Noooope” lolololol

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