The White Dress By The Shore – garden inspired editorial

If you’re getting married and do not know about The White Dress By The Shore in Clinton CT, then you should. If you’re already married then tell your engaged friends! Beth Chapman and her team run an amazing shop , operate in the most professional manner you can imagine and are also a ton of fun!

A number of months back I did a shoot for Beth at Venetucci Home (a dangerous shop where I wanted to leave with everything for my house…) where we were going for an eclectic garden inspired look, featuring props and items from Venetucci as well as flowers from Hana Floral Design, table design by True Event,  paper goods from Stonington design + paperie and makeup from Jennie Fresa.

So today I discovered that the images grace the opening page of The White Dress site, as well as their being used in an inspiration piece too!

here are a few images but there’s lots more on the site..


—for you photographers out there – here’s a little “behind the scenes” –I had just bought an app for the iPhone called Sun Scout which tells you the position of the sun at any given time of day, you can can estimate where and when it will be. Its not usually the case where you have the luxury of shifting around shots to accommodate the light, but this day, after seeing if we waited 3 hours the sun would be right BEHIND the table, we scrambled up our shooting schedule to do these images last. As you can see below, I think it was worth it!!

If I had it my way, everything would be bathed in golden end-of-the-day- light 24-7…

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  1. Beth Chapman on April 24, 2012 at 6:57 pm


    I love every one of these images! The light, the table, the place settings…were all perfection! Thank you for lending your talents to this shoot!

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