The Importance of Family Photos (aka: a broken record)

A friend of mine from high school posted this very simple Facebook ‘memory’ from 11 years ago the other day. Her caption was simply, “My favorite picture of us. Only time I did a family photo shoot and I wish I did them every year.”

That got me thinking how OFTEN I hear that. Over and over. And over once again. I’ve had many families be diligent about recording their family each year (often up until the kids are college age and simply SUPER annoyed by the process,) but so VERY many do not.

The especially sad fact after seeing this is that I realized is that I have absolutely ZERO group family photos with my (now deceased) parents. Here’s the closest I could find:


Dad – an early selfie maybe??


Me in a Poly-Tastic suit standing way too close to a heat source. All those steins…did I grow up in a German Beer Hall?


Me looking sexy as all hell in that floral shirt. Dig those itchy-looking drapes. (did we live in Colonial Williamsburg?)


A blurry 50th anniversary photo of my grandparents (can you tell we were REALLY into Polaroids?)


My Mom hesitantly posing for 3 seconds in front of a yet another colonial misadventure.


So not to say there were NO photos of me , as there are a million of me from about 1 year till 7 or 8 years old in various questionable pantsuits and gay little jumpers. But why did we never take a full family photo? How was that never even a consideration? Was I Frankensteins monster?

So without laboring this anymore I just wanted to remind you of the importance of doing this, if not yearly then at the VERY LEAST once!!! All the hundreds of mediocre photos on our phone are fine and dandy, but THIS is an important legacy to leave behind.

Get your self a session with someone before you feel it’s ‘too late.’


Do it. Diatribe over.


(thanks to Jocelyn for letting me steal her photo and FB quote!)

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