the Business of 'Wedding Blogging' discussed and revealed

I cannot begin to express how satisfying reading this post has been, as this person has hit upon a nerve in the wedding biz these days. This is one of those things we photographers probably  THINK but nobody really talks about.

‘Super-Pretty’ wedding blogs have become a rampant virus in the wedding world, creating unattainable ideals for couples who, without a team of 20 stylists or gigantic budgets, cannot possibly live up to the expectations they put forth. While wedding magazines are (WERE – many are now out of business) to blame as well, it’s the immediacy, ease and accessibility of the blog that I believe has created a giant Wedding Monster. I do not envy a bride trying to plan an event with these persistent and unvarying imagery they are presented. It’s gone from unique to repetitive and predictable in a few short years. One would think that every single wedding is one occurring in a hazy Summer dreamland filled with mason jars, flickering lights surrounding cupcakes, extra-adorable drinking straws, solo people ‘holding things’ in cupped hands, carefully placed moss, no guests and 3 bridesmaids. What’s worse, is that many of us now play right into it (myself included!!) creating images that mimic what we see, sometimes hoping for publication, sometimes because we too think it’s what we SHOULD be photographing. When a planner at a wedding seems more concerned with what ‘detail’ shots you’ve photographed than what photos of the COUPLE you’ve taken, something is amiss. Showcasing implausible fantasy is no different than the Fashion World, yet while I don’t think most of us expect to walk down a runway—most brides expect to walk down an aisle.

You could claim that the writer is just bitter, but there’s really more here than that. They are pointing out the absurdity of this trend which in several years as they point out, will look as foolish as any other cycle we all hop on board and follow. Trends always have and always will come and go with the wind, but this has run it’s course.

I could go on and on, but i’m simply going to post a link so you can read this amazing post. Bravo to ‘whomever’ for having the guts to write it as well as the cleverness to make it a fun read as well–



  1. Christie O. {Mountainside Bride} on August 12, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    I am still shocked that almost a year later this post is still making the rounds. Thanks so much for your comment.

    You bring up a fantastic point. That there is a critical mass of blogs that don;t show any family members or wedding guests. And overwhelming number of submissions I get have emotional details and familiarity members (my favorite are typically well-executed dace moves. Yet on some of the Pretty-Pretty blogs, I rarely see family members. I also rarely see older brides, heavier brides, or, dare I say, average brides.

    Hopefully people find something different on Mountainsde Bride (formally Hindsight Bride).

    Sure I publish plenty of details. But there are also stories, advice and family and guests.

    I think most wedding contain details, family and friends, and personal stories. I hope I do well to showcase it all!

    Thanks again for keeping the conversation going!

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