The Bushnell Theatre wedding – Moira + Bill

wedding at The Bushnell Theatre, Hartford CT. Catering by Max Downtown


 wow – ok, where do I start? A wedding at The Bushnell is a very unique event, as it’s not only a distinct space for a wedding, but how often do you (unless you’re an actor) get to hang out on an empty theatre stage for photos?! They do not do THAT many events each year as they have to work around the performance schedule, so being able to shoot there is really something special. The other cool part is this is the third daughter in this family whose wedding I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, so knowing a lot of people in advance adds a very different air to your shooting style!

I was pleasantly surprised to find Moira and Bill had 2 of the shots from our engagement session turned into ‘lobby posters’ outside the theatre announcing their event–how cool!!


the guys meanwhile, got ready across town at the Marriott Downtown


…they have this great Chihuly glass sculpture in the one room they typically use for cocktail hour


we did their First Look right in the front lobby where we had great, soft light


Oooo – I love this shot!


I had just seen ‘Wicked’ here a few months back, so it was a bit weird to be right there onstage looking up at where I was sitting…


as I shot the gals, Jay got this cool image of the men


it’s not easy getting everyone to look ‘serious’ on command! 🙂


one of my absolute favorite images from the day—


it was a super hot summer day, and Bill and Moira did NOT want to go out and get all sweaty (my kinda people..) so it was fun to find cool stuff to shoot onstage, but how could you go wrong?!



this back room they let us shoot in is COVERED in signatures from many, many people who have performed in the past–kinda cool to see who we could spot!

we walked by this blue light and I HAD too try something with it!



folks started arriving for the ceremony, with Mary Coburn officiating and working her magic weaving a personalized story into the ceremony, that always gets a bit emotional



cool angle Jay got from up in the ‘audience’…



with a wee bit of coaxing, we went outside ( and yes, it was still a billion degrees) to grab these images right as the sun was lingering right along the horizons edge

 Thanks for letting be a part of another family event!

 Also thanks to the Clark Eno Orchestra for the groovy tunes, flowers by  Just For You Floral Design, Cathy Stephens at The Bushnell for all her help, Max’s Downtown Catering for the eats, as well as Jay Fleming for second shooting and Ian Witschy for helping out!



  1. Meghan on July 16, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    What beautiful photos from another FABULOUS wedding! We will need to figure out some more family events for you to photograph! 🙂 These are just gorgeous… thank you!!!!

  2. Moira on July 17, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! These are wonderful, wouldn’t be a Callahan wedding without you 🙂

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