Tammy+Paul@ The Fox Hill Inn, Brookfield CT

The last wedding of any year is always bittersweet. On one hand, and lets be totally honest here, after about 30 weddings (heat, cold, rain, traffic, great light, terrible light, no time to take photos, all the time in the world to shoot what you want , and maybe even a hurricane…) you kinda need a mental break for a period of time. On the other hand, that final wedding each year reminds you of what you have accomplished and all the people you have met, and hopefully touched throughout the year. One’s ‘trigger finger’ has been pretty busy on the shutter button, and it feels like a sad ending in some ways.

This year for whatever reason, my events were rather spread out, starting in March in New Jersey and ending just recently on December 17th, giving me the full range from Spring to Winter (with a couple of vacations tossed in there)

…so Tammy and Paul’s wedding at The Fox Hill Inn was officially the Last Wedding of 2011
Jay Fleming came along to shoot the guys while I was with the gals–
I just love Winter weddings, particularly because I often see great wraps and minks that I think so so cool with a wedding dress!
this shot is interesting, and I almost did not use it, because the light is actually coming from a guests flash. But in B&W I thought it looked kinda neat!
Tammy is a teacher, and a bunch of her kids from school – both recent and past students – came to the church to wish the new couple well!
afterwards, we zipped over top Cranbury Park in Norwalk (where we actually did their engagement session!) and the wedding party really toughed it out in the freezing cold. I had a fleece, jacket and gloves on and was STILL frozen, so we worked fast to get everyone back on the party bus
This was a DANCIN’ crowd, and Sean ‘Big Daddy’ McKee from James Daniel entertainment really kept the group up on their feet
…halfway through Tammy and her dads dance, they launched into a choreographed dance number which I’m glad I was warned about, because it popped out of nowhere–it was really kinda cute!
Thanks to you both for a great day and a terrific way for me to end my 2011 wedding year!!

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