Stephanie+Larry @ Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown CT

This past Saturday (the day AFTER our weird 115 degree heatwave, thank you very much), Stephanie and Larry were married at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, in Middletown CT. I had photographed the rehearsal dinner the evening before, so I kinda got to know who was who for the wedding day. Stephanie got prepped at her parents house which is where my day began….



I really loved the back of her Moms dress…and the flowers too!


You know, I can’t resist backlighting, especially with those wonderful plantation shutters!


Lets be honest – not a lot of people can pull off the cut of that dress, and I think it looked amazing on her.


There was something about the way she sat with the painting and fireplace that immediately said ‘vintage’ to me, even as I shot it.


…meanwhile, at Wadsworth—



I looked over to find a cluster of gaggle of groomsmen (I’m certain that what a group of guys in tuxes at a wedding called–if not they should be) in the woods! It was like hunting LOL



the First Look

and yes, there were tears. Just LOOK at Larry’s face as he turned around!!!


You know what was great? These two just ‘fell into’ these wonderful moments and poses (which I hesitate to call them) without any coaxing from nme. What a joy to shoot that way!


ribbons for after the ceremony – which they sanded, spray painted and glued them all themselves


so Larry had his own beer and Stephanie her Merlot!


OK well, it was outrageously hot the day before, but wasnt exactly COOL this day either—


I was ALL OVER this Old School Marriage Record book when I saw it–how cool is THAT?!


So Stephanie was dancing with her dad and saw that her Mom was on the sidelines watching and went over to he…which turned into a wonderful, emotional little moment.



You know I normally don’t post many dancing images, but for some reason i’m feelin’ it with this wedding….

Stephanie did a quick presto-chango into a new dress and the two made their mad dash to the car and into the night…

Best of luck – hope you’re enjoying Hawaii ( still disappointed you didn’t stow me in a suitcase..but oh well…)

also special thanks to the Union League Cafe for their delicious catering and Lynda from Details Wedding & Party Planning for her hard work and running around in the heat!

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