Stacey+Jon: a wedding at DisneyWorld – part three

ok—so here we go with part 3 of Stacey and Jon’s Disneyworld wedding: the actual wedding day


Stacey’s brother – who performed the ceremony, does last minute work on his ‘speech’


while this is not the BEST photo – its here for a fun reason–as Stacey got off the elevator, these little girls looked at her in her dress – eyes wide open and said : “WooooW!!!!”

how can you NOT shoot in a fabulous chair like that?!


Jon waits patiently for their First Look


Stacey was such a good sport, as we did all these photos at Disney’s Boardwalk before the ceremony, and her dress go dirty—well, no…I guess i’d use the word ‘filthy’

but I said to her,”Look – you either get the dress dirty and get COOL shots, or stand in one, clean spot and get boring photos. We’re here for cool stuff – so don’t worry about it ( which she did not!)


I really like these floral chair back details


yup – having your brother marry you induces a LOT of tears…


we had a brief champagne reception afterwards before moving onto the Grand Floridian for the actual reception



alright- lets get ready to talk SPECTACULAR room, floral and lighting design—


Jon brother – recently back from Iraq, gave a really moving speech as the wedding had been held off for his return from overseas

Jons surprise Grooms cake was in the shape of a bed with Junior Mints ( there was a whole story about his sleeping in the bed with the melting all over the place) Here, he takes a bite out the headboard—only at Disney!


Congrats you guys – I really want to thank you for inviting me there for the entire week – it was a TON of fun!


  1. Brian Henderson on November 20, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    What an incredibly fun and stunningly gorgeous place for a wedding! Great job on catching the many wonderful details.

  2. steve depino on November 21, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    You+ A Disney Park + wedding = an amazing combo
    This must have been fun. Great work man!

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