Colibri Gift | Unique and custom wedding invitations

I was poking around on my Instagram feed the other night  – and you know how it will suggest posts or pages to follow – stuff like that. Well I think instagram knew somehow that i’d recently posted something regarding a Central Park wedding when these images popped up…


I was immediately taken by the whole presentation and the sort of ‘pop up box’ feel they had.


In any case – I thought they were super cool and contacted the designer to see if I could feature a few here in a post. Now don’t go thinking that i’m seeing a kickback or something!!! I’m just sharing because I thought they were neat and different. I know shopping for weddings items can start off fun and then get pretty tedious – and thought maybe someone here would like this approach!



I saw a lot of this kind of detailed paper work in the street markets in Shanghai when I was over there.


You can find their website here:

Their images on Instagram HERE:

If you’re feeling a little Pinteresty then go here:

Or stalk their facebook here:




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