Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding | Danielle + Mike

Stonington Connecticut vineyard wedding |CT winery wedding photographer

Danielle and Mike were married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard on what turned out to be a bit of a New Englandy drizzly day–but they were super good sports and DETERMINED to get shots outside whatever it took! We started the day at the Mystic Marriott and Spa

Tony from Datura:A Modern Garden created the gorgeous arrangements

I saw those great shoes and the cool headboard and thought–‘why not?!’…

No. You’re not seeing double. Thats 13 guys. Danielle not to be outdone–had 14 girls…. a Bridal Army, one might say.


the guys started their ushering duties at the church at St. Patrick’s in downtown Mystic

now look at THAT! She’s still all smiles, despite the rain–I LIKE that!!!!

onward to Saltwater Farm for whatever photos we could get–but guess what?! The skies brightened and cleared =enough for us to shoot outside with just a fine mist in the air!!

Now you know, I don’t normally use a fisheye lens for a group shot because of potential distortion, but when you have about 30 people, you make it work!!


for me, this right here is the Shot Of The Day

this was the first time I had ever seen a Polish Bread and Salt Ceremony – which involves wine as well. Oddly, I saw one again at the same venue a week or 2 later! What are the odds?…

Yup–this was a rowdy one!!!!

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