Rachel+Alex @ Jonathan Edwards Winery, North Stonington CT

 My, oh my. Where do I begin with this wedding? Let’s take an amazingly friendly group. Add perfect weather. Toss in a super-photogenic couple and sprinkle in an ‘I care less about my dress getting dirty than getting a great shot’ attitude – and well, you basically have a pretty perfect wedding day in MY book…



Robin Dini and I began the day at The Mystic Marriott (a beautiful hotel, but I SWEAR they only have one room for brides because I think I almost know the room number by heart now…) Jennie Fresa’s team was on hand for makeup goodness…


I zipped down the hall to see what the guys were doing, where inappropriate conversation ensued –  the nature of which shall forever remain a secret. What happens at The Mystic Marriott….



I’m not normally a fan of ‘hotel room’ shots if I can avoid it – but the light was just amazing this day (and there is indeed some selective cropping and a bit of ‘photoshop out the AC vent’ going on)


ahhh – those eyes!


Meanwhile, at Jonathan Edwards Winery–things were starting to get in high gear.


I’d say MOST of the time, couples who get married at Jonathan Edwards agree to do a First Look, which is a GREAT idea, especially the way the timing at the winery has to run with wine tastings ending, etc. Plus, it gives us more time for cool photos!


If only I could get EVERY group to pose this naturally!….


Robin showed me this angle, which I have oddly never photographed (or noticed) at the winery before!


So at first I’m thinking: “There is NO WAY Rachel will sit on that potentially dirty picnic table bench in that amazing gown.” But, I asked and she agreed—which led to…


“Rachel! You can say NO–but if you sat on that rock it would due super-cool.” And a few moments later:


I can tell you right now: this shot is going in the ‘year end favorites’!! (which allow me to add Future Brides, took a little leap of faith in the Dirt Dept.—but LOOK what we achieved!!)


Robin’s ode to American Gothic



we have 2 VERY happy Grandma’s here!



The tent looked spectacular. Alex told me during some photos that the only arguments he and Rachel ever have are over the Yankees and Red Sox – hence the little baseball guys with the cake! 🙂


the lights in the Sperry tent didn’t blink – they TWINKLED!!!!!


We had a whole set of fun, and very emotional toasts


I love this shot Robin got of the cake cutting (photo nerd alert : the light is from the reflecting light off the cake – thank you Nikon D4!!!!)


I was right up in the musicians grill with my fish-eye lens–I was waiting for him to clock me over the head with the guitar—

 Thanks also to Russell Morin catering for all the yummy eats and vendor attentiveness, which is appreciated more than you know!!

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  1. Cathy Fanning on June 23, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW SPECIAL A DAY FOR EVERONE!
    GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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