NYC editorial shoot

This past october I had the fun opportunity to join my pals Robert and Kathleen who invited me along to NYC  for a wedding inspired photoshoot. We had 2 GREAT models ( one of which from Click Models in NYC who I’d like to especially thank ), a super cool location and a team of amazing talent behind us (Beth Chapman on ‘dress duty”, Tony from Datura doing the incredible floral work, Jennie Fresa working her makeup magic, and Candice Coppola handling the styling)

I unfortunately missed the first half of the the day, as I could not get into the city on time (you can see that part here) We roamed the streets and found some great locales as well as my favorite light: that golden end-of-the-day wanna shoot in it forever setting light…take a look—-




  1. Erik Souza

    Robert, #1 and #7 are absolutely perfect, and the way you caught the light in #7 is superb 😀

  2. Robin Dini

    i really like the feel of these. Gotta play up your vintage vibe! 🙂

  3. amber langlois

    how do we get invited next time? this shoot is epic and i love the unique spin that you and the trenske’s each put on the same shoot. killer.

  4. Athena Bludé

    These are all awesome. I’m madly in love with styling and #8, which is my fave.

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