Nadia+Mark @ The Webb Barn, Wethersfield CT

Nadia and Mark got married July 9th at the Webb Barn in Wethersfield, CT. Both bride and groom got ready at the adorable Silas Robbins House. (if you have never been  at least stop by and check it out)


check out that boutonniere!! – – Tony from Datura knocks it out of the park again with the flowers!



so Marks background is Irish, and Nadia is from New Zealand – and they not only had American, Irish and New Zealand food stations (with food caught by and flown in by Nadia’s family!!!) but the whole wedding had this great, very rustic feel to it. As Nadia says about Mark, “When me met, I knew I had found My Cowboy!” They even had a carriage to bring them to the ceremony.



the flags of all 3 countries represented were flown out front


the kids not only sang Amazing Grace at the church- (which is one of my favorite songs of that type, so it kinda got to me a little…) but did a number at the reception as well.


Ok–now THIS took me by surprise and for a moment I had no idea what the devil was going on—But Nadia’s brother and fellow Kiwi’s did the Haka (yes, I had to look it up) which is a traditional war chant/dance.

[Heres a little sample of a team scaring the hell out of their opponents: LINK]

thanks for a fun, easy going day!  And congrats on the little one due in 2 months!!!!!

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