my visit to memphis + Graceland

If you happen to follow me on facebook then you have no doubt seen a few photos of late rom my recent trip to Memphis and Mississippi. I flew to Memphis and spent an evening (and part of the next day) before driving to Mississippi for the Rebirth Workshop I was going to spend 5 days at. My dad was from TN, but I had never been to the Western part of the state. You can see images from that part of the trip HERE

I started off on Beale street – which is kind of the ‘place you go’ when you visit memphis ( the equal of Bourbon Street or a super-tiny Times Square) I was surprised at how small it actually was; only a few blocks long, and needless to say not was kind of crowded and touristy—but still, there were some pretty interesting things there if you looked past the obvious….


you KNOW i’m a sucker for an old sign!

in the old pharmacy, i found some thing to ward off evil spirits.


This was SOME kind of event going on inside this space, but this was SO abstract I thought


Ummm—uhhhh—I have no comment.



The Peabody Hotel was built in 1869 and really worth a stop to check it out. I did not get to see the famous ducks however (they were in their rooftop condo by the time I got there)

there was a historical display with some really cool old trinkets and stuff




This was a weird experience as I THOUGHT I had stumbled across a cool midtown motel that just happen to have vintage cars parked in front of ( it looked like a photo shoot or something as I walked closer to it) But when I got right there I realized it was the National Civil Rights Museum, and this is a preserved motel where Martin Luther King was shot. So it suddenly became a lot more serious feeling and less funky, if you know what I mean.






Ahhh yes, THIS is what you were waiting for: Graceland. I’m not the world’s biggest Elvis fan, but how do you go to Memphis and NOT go check this out?

It did not disappoint….



(wish I could show this larger  here–a pano stitched together with 5 shots)



Elvis’ kitchen looked oddly like mine growing up in the 70’s…minus the cartpeting.


The bizarre and VERY yellow entertainment room, complete with 3 TV’s and a mirrored ceiling.

And a ceramic monkey.


This room freaked me out a little – the fabric on every surface kind of gave me the willies…


—although THIS was kind of  a suffocating feeling as well – avocado green carpet on the walls and cieling



The Jungle Room. ‘Nuff said.


Lisa Maries playlet from when she was little


the office out back that he and his manager worked from


the rear of Graceland


I never thought about there being Elvis toys!


they claim Elvis spent time and played a few songs on the piano the evening he died here



I have found my new outfit for weddings this season….



Outside in the line to see his grave.

Spectacular people watching.





the line for Elvis’ resting place or a casino buffet? I can’t tell the difference.



His car Museum


Elvis continues to perform on any available TV screen


Inside his personal jets


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  2. Dean Deming on April 18, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Nicely done Robert! I love it!

  3. Nikki Nicole on April 19, 2012 at 8:33 am

    I went to graceland about 10 years ago … I am sooo jealous you got to see his jet that was not there … and the jungle room LOVED!! hope you enjoyed it like i did lol!

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