Michael + Ben | NYC and CT engagement session

Michael and Ben are getting married next May at The New Haven Lawn Club. We kept trying to find a day to do our shoot in NYC where we would have good weather as well as Fall color. We finally chose a day all 3 of us could do it , only to have it be completely rainy and miserable (not too fun in NYC when it’s like that!) But since Michael had secured permission for us to shoot inside Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue (where they had designed their rings) as well as Adour, the restaurant at the St. Regis Hotel where he proposed to Ben, we kept calm and carried on.

When you are at Tiffany’s, there’s champagne involved—



we took a short, drizzly stroll from Tiffany’s to the St Regis just down the block


Inside Adour, we basically had the place to ourselves, as we shot between their open hours

this is THE table where the proposal occurred! đŸ™‚


…and, we had bubbles!



after a bloody mary (the St Regis’ signature drink) and an outfit change, we headed back out towards Times Square



So flash forward a few weeks. Since we were all disappointed we didn’t Fall leaves, we scheduled a second day to shoot. THIS time around however, we had to contend with the wrath of Hurricane Sandy – so when we got to Waveny, it was a bit of a mess. However we forged ahead – and I think  these really came out pretty cool...



having been through this process once already, Michael and Ben were mush more at ease


and there was a leaf fight—



So Michael brought a chair along which was really a cool idea. I decided to take advantage of the post-hurricane fallen trees, and dragged the guys right out into the middle of it for what ended up being one of my favorite shots of the day


i kind of liked the formality of them sitting with the chair – so we went for a few serious ones



one of the only parts of the park with a lot of color left was the road on the way ion – so with some selective cropping, i think it still looks like full-blown Autumn!



thanks guys for tolerating the weather in NYC that day! Looking forward to the Big Event in May (and secret details I am privy to I shall not reveal!)



  1. Mattion Grazier

    I love these! They look so happy! My fav is the first one with the chair in black and white, but they are all so good!

  2. Mattion Grazier

    I love these! They look so happy! My fav is the first one with the chair in black and white, but they are all so good!

  3. Sue Ryan

    Beautiful photos, Robert. Great composition, and an easy rapport between photographer and couple shows. Nice.

  4. JC

    LOVE the shots in the leaves! You two look amazing! Great job all y’all! ~ jc

  5. Ben

    Wow! I love the pictures at Waveny. Can’t wait to see all of them when I get home tonight. Great job!

  6. Ben

    Wow! I love the pictures at Waveny. Can’t wait to see all of them when I get home tonight. Great job!

  7. Dorothy

    These pictures make me love being in love even more!
    You have capyured the spirit of love and companionship in a most wonderful way!

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