Lauren+Josh @ The Glen Island Club

Lauren and Josh were married November 5th at the Glen island Harbor Club in New Rochelle. We started our day early to catch the afternoon light at Doral Arrowwood in Westchester (right down the road from where I went to college, which always feel a little strange all these years later)

the gals got their make done by Color Make-up studio from Pearl River, NY – who was Josh’s sisters team!


meanwhile, there was s small adventure in tie-tying in Josh’s room..

Lauren’s Dad just looks so happy in this shot—


we grabbed a few quick shots outside right before the First Look


I don’t know how well you can see, but the flower girl has a small bride figurine grabbed by the neck–so funny!!

This little guy was just there for some pictures early on- he was very busy and had other plans for the remainder of the day…


we hopped over to Glen Island for formals and to grab the sun while we could. We were running late, but as it turned out the light was MUCH better than it would have been 40 minutes earlier!! I mean, LOOK at that!

I won’t lie – it took about 20-30 frames to get this on where it actually worked, and her face wasn’t v blocked with petals.


They may not LOOK it, but it was REALLY getting chilly outside at this point – so the bridesmaids were troopers. Thinking of all the weather related issues from this past wedding year, I kept saying, “It’s not snowing, theres no hurricane, its not 109 degrees….”

Photo Secret Give-Away:

there was another wedding off in the distance shooting behind Josh in this shot, but you’d never know it!


So Glen Island, like many venues that can handle multiple events, kind of partitions off ‘who gets what’ part of the property, so brides don’t criss-cross. I’ll admit I kind THOUGHT we were not supposed to be on this rock, but I said, “Lets do it fast and if we get asks to leave, then we leave.” So up I climbed like Simba in The Lion King, and sure enough, within moments we were asked to leave, which we did. Still, we grabbed maybe 9 frames as fast as we could and actually got a few cool ones!



I LOVE this pre-ceremony moment caught by Jay Fleming


It was so GREAT having this angle to shoot rom (and not getting yelled at for being there!!!)

Ummm yeah – that would be mini hotdogs during cocktail hour— Guess where i planted myself?….

I always feel like i’m going to get trampled during this dance!

Many thanks and congratulations to you both! I’ll be talking to you soon!!!!…

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