Laura+Jim @ St Clements Castle, Portland CT

Laura and Jim tied the knot last Saturday at their local church in Collinsville CT,  with a reception that followed at the beautiful St Clements Castle in Portland CT—

Lauras dress was bead-rific!! LOVE it… (and I might add, she is ALL about shoes, so check those baby’s out!)


(dorky tech note here for photographers – I actually simply used the side of the house ot bounce a flash off of for a little eye highlight–gave it a warm tone to boot!)

we were lucky to JUST miss the rainy drizzle that was starting!


great details and flowers by Diane Gaudett!! ( who is one of my favoritest wedding people, BTW!)


…and speaking of favorite wedding people–check out the cake by Ana Parzych – amazing and about 12 feet tall 🙂


There were a LOT of tears flowing during the parent dances ( sometimes i feel bad photographing that as it seems intrusive–but it’s SUCH a great moment it’s also hard to resist!)


yes–that’s right : a Ben & Jerrys cart! ( as much as I wanted to, it took every piece of strength I had to not run over and dive right in)


this was the sweetest thing ever – Laura’s brother sang during a dance she and Jim had ( he sang at the church as well!!)


Many thank guys for a fun day!!   Congrats and i’ll talk to you when you get back!


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  1. Ana Parzych on August 12, 2011 at 10:52 am

    It was great working with such lovely couple and a group of very talented wedding professionals. Gorgeous flowers Diane! Thank you Robert for the amazing and beautiful images!!

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