Just a few short days ago, Kristen and Neil were married at the Madison Beach Hotel, in Madison CT. And while the hotel is not yet finished…i’m thinking already this could be one of my favorite spots to shoot. For one thing, they are RIGHT smack on the water (not ‘sorta-kinda-talk a long walk down a steep hill to get to the water’, or  ‘if you squint you can see the river in the distance’—as some places are) Of course, right now it still SMELLS new–and who doesnt love the scent of new carpet? But aside from that stuff, it’s a beautiful spot, and I can see this becoming an extremely popular CT destination for beach themed weddings next year!

Ok, there’s my commentary–here’s some photos now….


to start – this was a page from a family wedding album that was on display from 1947, that I grabbed a shot of to make their own version


Thats Beth from the hotel, doing her thing pinning on the guys flowers!


we did a First Look right out in front of the hotel


I was in Kristens room watching the tide and the rocks outside her window thinking :If only it would go out far enough for ys to get on those rocks—and guess what: it did!


when i asked if it was OK to go out there climbing around the damp rocks – she responded, “Sure–my dress is going to get dirty anyway!”  Which in my world, is a perfect answer…


the men were in a more perilous spot as the moss over there was still pretty slick.


I toyed with the idea of photoshopping out the fisherman, but in the end thought he actually kinda added to the image


I got my tilt-shift lens out of mothballs and used it for a few, quick images—



I think I could have just sat in the and and photographed these kids all day long. They got SO excited to pass out the fan/programs…it was really cute to watch!


It got cloudy, overcast, dreamy and perfect….


apparently when complete, there will be 35 rooms, ALL of which will have water facing views with decks…so not a giant facility.


i loved the little chairs in the sandboxes for seat assignments

CT congressman Joe Courtney – who Neil works for – was in attendance


OK – I seriously have to admit this. You know–you’re at a lot of weddings every year. You hear a million speeches, many of which – to be perfectly honest – you only half listen to because you’re thinking about the shot, whose view you may be blocking, the lighting etc.

Kristen’s sister gave a speech in which she wrote an ‘imaginary letter’ to their deceased Mom all about the day and the wedding. Having lost my mom myself many years ago, as well as a close friend  this past April – I found myself kneeling down to get the shot, eyes welling up – to the point wher I had to consciously try to not listen as I knew I was on the edge of losing it. That NEVER happens, but this was quite different.

There —I admitted that.


Neils Uncles did a little Irish music set complete with step-dancing. To be honest–I could have listened to that all night and been perfectly happy!

Thanks to you both for making the day so fun. I know you went through a lot in advance with plans changing and switching things around (you guys know what I mean) But it all worked out wonderfully in the end! And thanks again to Beth at the hotel for making it run so smoothly.


  1. Christine on September 21, 2011 at 10:57 am

    Beautiful photos!!! Especially love the one w/ the fisherman in the background :)!

  2. Sue and Pat Clifford on October 11, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We were “honored” to be included in this very special day. Best of happiness and love to both of you!

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