Kristen+Mike: E-Shoot @ Hopkins Vineyard Winery

Last weekend I met up with Kristen and Michael up in Warren CT (or New Preston, depending on which set of directions you check!) at the super-cute Hopkins Vineyard, a location I had never been to.  On a personal note, I have to say that I drove my little fun convertible that I don’t take out much, as it was one of those rare, PERFECT Connecticut weather days. Comfortable, warm, dry and not a cloud in the sky. It was such an amazing drive up there—so beautiful—that it just set the best tone for me to start shooting. What also set the tone (since I was running late) was that they hit the wine bar and had a glass beforehand, which I think is the perfect way to loosen up pre-photo shoot!




I kinda felt like we had the run of the place, as there were very few people around and we just wandered and went wherever we pleased!



I can’t resist an ivy covered wall: I’ll admit it.



Lake Waramaug in the distance was one of the reason the drive up was so beautiful, as the road skirts along its edge. Just spectacular! Of course, having wine at the end of the drive doesn’t hurt either.



we did a quick little outfit change and headed down to the lake—



So when I noticed that the water was shallow and easy to step into (and that they had a change of clothes) I gently suggested they get in the water–which was luckily met with a “SURE!”…so in they went..


…thanks guys for a really fun afternoon/day trip, as well as the bottle of wine, which if you know me at all, you know always keeps me happy! I’m looking forward to Sept. at Candlewood Lake Inn, since I know how cool it’ll be now that you  let me in on all the planning details and notes. (I also haven’t shot there in quite awhile, so it’s fun to be going back!)


  1. What a beautiful day! You really captured the love and joy between this couple. Loved the photography trio of Kristen & Mike against the wall – stunning!

  2. What a beautiful day! You really captured the love and joy between this couple. Loved the photograph trio of Kristen & Mike against the wall – stunning!

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