Kristen+Michael @ The Candlewood Lake Inn

Kristen and Michael were married on September 24th at the CandleWood Lake Inn.  Since Michael is in the Navy, the wedding had a distinct nautical flair, as you will soon see.

We started things out at the Marriott in Danbury…


I was squatting down to get this ring shot on the arm of a chair in the lobby – people were looking at me like I was crazy.


I just love the subtle look on Kristen’s dads face in this pic.




check out the tiny little compass on the programs!


the rose was there keeping an eye on everything, in memory of Michaels Father.


so im waiting for this shot to happen, and all the streamers start flying, and i ended up with them all over my head. I wish I had a picture of THAT!


a little McHales Navy joke here— ( he will probably hate that I added this picture, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it!)


They had a pontoon boat that we went out on for a quick spin on the lake, before heading back to the cocktail hour for their ‘official’ arrival


I have to admit, I hate cigars, but it’s fascinating watching them made – and at a breakneck pace at that!


there weer nautical details EVERYWHERE!!


Diane Gaudett was on hand for the beautiful flowers


so i’m shooting details during cocktail hour and Christian the manager comes over and says, “You might want to take them outside–there’s an amazing sunset.” Now my first thought was – “A few minutes ago it was grey and was supposed to rain…how great could it be?“…

Well…i’ll just shut up now.


Butch Grey working how groovy new toy with a floor projection!


an extremely emotional moment and toast from the Best Man, helped to a standing position by the 2 groomsmen.


even MORE details!!!


this little gal was on to my trying to be ‘sneaky’ and catch her off guard!!


…later, she was passed out on the floor


Mike stole a dance with Kristen’s mom before his dance with HIS mom—very sweet!!

thanks so much to you both for a fun day–looking forward to photos from your Maui trip [ as well as travel info! 🙂 ]

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  1. Alison Lassiter on October 7, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Robert Norman, that sunset is out of control. I love all of these beautiful pictures!

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