Kristen+Jeff@The Fox Hill Inn, Brookfield CT

(I apologize in advance for these last 2 weddings being out of order—we had a technical glitch!!)

There is something very special about doing weddings in the wintertime. After a years worth of heat and humidity (anyone recall the day it felt 155 degrees?..) a winter event poses a set of completely different challenges (cold, fast fading light–potential snow!) So it’s always a joy when you have a couple who embrace the season and just Go With It, which Kristen and Jeff did. I photographed Jeff’s sisters wedding last year, so it was sorta like hang in out with people I knew already.

The only reason I photographed Kristen’s moms vintage set of grooming accessories was because they were so COOL!! ( had nothing to do with the wedding!)

oh boy–we have a hysterical bridesmaid already (she will kill me that I added that photo, but i think it’s cute!)


OK, i’m not sure you will see it, but I have 2 words for you: Julianne Moore. Tell me she doesn’t look like her. I happen to love Julianne Moore, so every time I caught a glimpse of Kristen at just the right angle – well…I couldn’t help myself…


at the church, Jeff waited patiently in the cold for the First Look


I.   Love.   This.   Photo!


my wedding party: frozen solid.

these 2 kids were SO great all day long: just stood around looking cute!


The Fox Hill Inn – all gussied up for the Holidays


I generally don’t like ‘staircase’ shots, but thought with the garland and all decorated for Christmas that it was really pretty [geeky tech corner: the wall to my right made a great source to bounce the flash off of]


something about the whole night, including Kristen’s dress, had a vintage feel to me so forgive me here while I go a little crazy and go for the Old Photo look, complete with Christmas tree and all. In my mind my inspiration was: what might a faded photo from tonight look like in 40 years?

—thanks so much for a great day and enduring the rather frigid weather! Congratulations again!

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