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Newport wedding photographer

This past Saturday I was up in Portsmouth Rhode Island at a new venue for me, the absolutely beautiful Glen Manor House! It’s always so much fun to go and explore some place new for a wedding—

striped or plain? striped or plain?

‘striped’ won the vote, but the plain tie made for a great surface for a ring shot!

…and maybe the coolest cufflinks ever: little airplanes!

OK – so THIS shot made me very nervous as Kathleen’s shoes were OUTSIDE the window on a stone ledge for me to catch this angle. I has visions of a shoe tipping over, falling off the roof, sliding down the awning and my having to run downstairs to find it.

That did NOT happen…

…playing around with some of my ‘new old’ vintage frames ( they’re old, but new to me)

beautiful floral work from Stoneblossom, East Greenwich RI

….so at first here I didn’t know what was going on with her shocked expresion, but soon found that Kathleen’s bestest pal from her childhood, Henry, had surprised her by attending the wedding…

this is Henry.

Photoshop geek alert : 3 shot panorama!

another new frame I was fooling around with!

Now—as much as i’d LIKE to take full credit for this, it is just a happy accident with a guests flash going off at the perfect time (I probably shouldn’t confess that)

now THAT’S a serious pose!     also – Christians Dad is a wedding photographer and came with his Yashica! How cool is that?!

I have to comment on this – as for them to get in this position they were apparently crammed against a toilet in the room this window is !!! AHHH, what we don’t go through!

Kathleen did most of the little touches like this herself!

…she hand tied each little box with ribbon. Martha would be proud.

Double-fisting it…There’s a drunk at every wedding

here – we’re wondering if the perfect little flowers were edible or not! I said, “It’s YOUR cake – go ahead and take one off!!”

…and WAITING for said cake is serious business!

I think the kids were totally OVER me at this point.


  1. Robert J. Trenske on June 15, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Robert, this is an absolutely AMAZING wedding, what an INSANE location!! I totally LOVE that staircase with her walking down. WOW WOW WOW!!!!

  2. Amber on June 23, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Killer, Killer, Killer. The bridal portraits are out of this world. I’d consider hiring that little flower girl and her OCF…good stuff. Keep it coming!

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