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I was pretty sure that little boat was going to flip over. You know – all the groomsmen capsized.



At least that was my first though when they all piled into that tiny boat. As an added bonus, I can’t swim (I mean REALLY cannot – like panicky if I get in too far) So i’m thinking – well, I certainly can’t go in and HELP them if they DO flip over – so I guess is’d just stand there and take pictures, maybe?…

Luckily, they were better sailors than me and all was well, but it was a thrilling ( that should be in quite perhaps) way to start the day!

The guys were all in a beautiful rental house on the water on Groton, and I stopped by to check out their shenanigans before heading over to the ladies at Jonathan Edwards Winery

So here we go with the wedding of Jennifer Roach and Steven Pacini!

This wee-little boat was what I though would be their demise.

I’m a sucker for good tailoring and snazzy clothes – look at that GROOVY lining in Stephens suit jacket!


There was some inappropriate joking here about how I randomly show up at houses on weddings days, not to photograph people but rather watch them changing their clothing—you had to be there…



I love this brief moment between mom and daughter


Stephen waits patiently for the First Look





I’m not sure what was happening here – but here it is for you to decide…

Jonathan Edwards is always just so beautiful as a backdrop


We had some pretty INTENSE sun this day- but everyone were troopers and plowed through the heat!!!


pre wedding first dance run through in the AC!



So Jennifer had asked me to try and get a shot of her veil blowing in the wind. I quietly though to myself, “Well, there is barely a breeze today, but lets see what happens!” As if planned out, a soft breeze came through right during the ceremony (and right when I happened to be in the correct spot!)

Never have I been so happy to see a veil caught by the wind!

GEEKY TECH ALERT: This is a multi layered panorama made out of about 21 shots (7 top row, 7 middle row and 7 on the bottom row) You may know it as the Brenizer Method

OK – tech time over….


“Holy crap – we’re married!!!”



Some fun at Golden Hour!

I can’t be at J Edwards and NOT get a barn shot at dusk!!!

the vendors who made it all happen…
Makeup – Kate Clancy
 Flowers  Blush Floral Design (and she also did the poles. Aren’t those the best?!)
Catering was Gourmet Galley and Jennifer Glissmeyer was our lady
Cake was Zest







  1. John E Barlick on August 1, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Outstanding pictures and wonderful moments captured. Beautiful.

    • robert on August 6, 2018 at 10:05 pm

      why thank you!!

  2. Steven on August 7, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Robert- You did an incredible job! These pictures make us and the venue look spectacular. Best of all, you were so unobtrusive. In fact, it was fun to hang out with you! The mark of a true professional, you got the shots you wanted without all the redos and unending staging we have seen at other weddings. As such, your photographs have an authenticity that is unparalleled. All our best, Steven (the groom above)

    • robert on August 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm

      Thank you so much!! What a great day 🙂

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