Jennifer+Steve's E-Session – Stonington CT

just this past week I met up with Jennifer and Steve in super-adorable Stonington CT. They’re getting married this coming December 3rd at Harrington Farm, in Princeton Ma (a new venue–hooray!!) I’d only ever been in Stoningon during the peak of the summer season when its mobbed and you can barely get down the street, so it was nice to see it kinda of quiet and empty

…although not ENTIRELY quiet, as you will soon see–


this is actually a parking garage, but I loved the lines of the building when viewed at an angle..


…so heres where it gets a tad interesting. Stonington has been invaded by Hollywood as they are filming a movie with Meryl Streep and Tommy lee Jones called “Great Hope Springs” to be released December of 2012. I was worried we would not be able to move around, but they were filming an indoor scene and were cool with us passing through the set. We DID get to see the back of Meryl Streep as she hopped into her truck. Oddly several years ago , they were filming a part of “Revolutionary Road” with Leonardo DeCaprio right up behind my house. While we were stalking THAT set one evening, I saw Kate Winslet hop into her truck as well…i’m seeing a pattern here—celebs always fleeing from me.

ok, enough of that–back to the engagement session!


a little E-Session hop down the road!


i thought at first glance this was a map of the town (which it kinda is) , but turns out its a prop just for the movie of the town which is supposed to be in Maine!!! I figured I HAD to get it in a shot, as when the film comes out hopefully they will see the billboard from their shoot in it!


this was an experimental shot, using my new $29.99 plastic Cheap-O Holga lens for my SLR (as I posted on facebook: $5000 camera – $30 lens…) I think it’s kinda an interesting image. Obviously has limited use, but sorta a cool result.

Thanks Jen and Steve for making the trip to CT…glad we could spend the day together and with ‘Meryl’  … See you soon in Ma!


  1. Janalene Robertson on October 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Well done! Amazing photographs of two very special young people. A lovely bride…a big thank you from her mother. Looking forward to meeting you! Jan

  2. Robin Dini on November 1, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    love that giant stone wall shot just after the “celebrity” shot. Very cool. The giant map is a great find too. I love that town. So classic New England.

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