Jennifer+Steve@ Harrington Farm, Princeton MA.

There’s something that’s always very exciting about going to a new venue. While a familiar spot provide a certain degree of security, a new place is like opening up a new toy. New angles, different light etc. Couples often say with a sense of relief, “OH!! You HAVE been to our venue before.”, but in reality a new place is really fun. Jennifer and Steve got married and had their reception in the hills of Massachusetts at The Harrington Farm, a perfectly adorable spot that made a beautiful location for a winter wedding…

Not knowing how lost I might get (!!) I left plenty early and arrived with time to get some exterior shots right as the sun was getting nice and golden…


Jennifers mom went crazy with the details which were INCREDIBLE–I could have shot the table at the front entrance all day long–

Since there is an inn there as well, I grabbed the dress and made off into one of the empty rooms, where there was just the BEST light streaming in through the window.


Steve designed the wedding ring, and they also had a necklace made for Steve’s son to present to him during the ceremony


the flowers were by Bella Floral Design


OK- i’ll be honest—it was REALLY cold out, but they were troopers for photos as well as their First Look—


I was digging the vintage Blue Fox her mom found for her!


we had all of about 5 minutes to catch this sun before it was gone for good–and yes, it was freezing out


I was thinking about old paintings as I shot this,  with the texture of the trees behind them and muted color…


you know how I am: give me an old structure in the background and i’m happy…


the program was designed by Robin Lindsay Fine Art & Design, who you can find on facebook!


I thought that Gretchen of Enchanted Wedding Cakes of Shrewsbury, MA, did an amazing job with the detailed trees on the cake



there were lots of little guys running all over the place!


OH OH–annnddd: we have a cake smush!


Jennifers mom Janalene paused for a moment to get down on the floor and read to the kids—so cute!!!!

So genius here spots the chairs uncovered outside and christmas lights and thinks “Hey! Lets go take a shot out there!!” So out we go for all of maybe 3 minutes (working at Lightspeed as it’s super-freezing now, mind you) and I go to demonstrate how to sit on the chair only to discover its covered with a layer of semi-frozen moisture ( look closely at the right hand cushion), which ended up on my bottom. Not a slick move--but the shot was worth it!

Congrats guys–and thanks for such a fun, easy going day–as well as enduring the cold!

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  1. Janalene Robertson on January 4, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Robert… your photos are soooo beautiful… you’re just making me cry all over again… xo Janalene

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