Boston’s North End Engagement session | Jeannine+David

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About 2 weeks ago I met up with Jeannine and David in Boston’s North End for their engagement shoot….

…not long into the shoot I realized that a little wine would “grease the wheels” as they say – so we stopped at my favorite place there, Bricco, where cocktails ensued! OH MY!!!

…post Bricco – there was dancing in the streets!

There is SO MUICH cool architecture around those parts of town!

OK, OK — i KNOW this is silly, but i couldn’t help myself!!

l’ll see you guys in October at the Dana Holcombe House!


  1. Alicia Candelora

    That crown shot is going to be framed on my wall as inspiration for the rest of my photography career.

  2. Athena Bludé

    What a happy looking couple + fun session! Love the location too.

    Love how you added your logo to one of the buildings. Looks like your next door neighbors to New Spin Laundry. 😉

  3. Erik Maziarz

    great job capturing the character of the North End. the light in some of these is incredible!

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