Hong Kong part two – Around The City

Hong Kong – some images from around the city

So here in part 2 of images of my rather whirlwind trip to Hong Kong, I want to share a handful of images form ‘around town’. These are mostly ones taken while wandering the city here and there.

These first few were taken at the The Man Mo Temple Compound on Hollywood Road (!!) , Sheung Wan, which comprises three blocks, namely Man Mo Temple, Lit Shing Kung (列聖宮) and Kung Sor (公所), were built between 1847 and 1862. It was once managed by “Kaifong” (local residents) I was more than a little fascinated by the ever-burning incense rings.

Hong-Kong2016-026 Hong-Kong2016-028 Hong-Kong2016-043

Someones desk at the temple.

Hong-Kong2016-047 Hong-Kong2016-048


So my day started off a bit rocky. I had gotten a new camera bag in December from a Kickstarter project (The Everyday Messenger Bag, from Peak design) that I hadn’t touched since opening. So I was excite to use my new bag.

Now the streets in Hong Kong are really rather steep (The island side is built up on the side of a mountain…so imagine if NYC was plopped on a mountainside!) We’re walking and having fun and in a moment of stunned shock, out of the blue I fall forward on my left knee bracing myself with my right hand. As I try to stand I go SLIDING backwards and fall right on my ass and the new bag. A bit shaken, I get up and felt fine, but moments later went to put my hand under the bag, to find it COVERED in motor oil. (now I know why I went flying) Like, motor oil DRIPPING off my new fabric bag. Knee throbbing, and bag soaked in oil – it was a less than stellar start to the day! But things improved from there!


Some old juxtaposed with new

Hong-Kong2016-052 Hong-Kong2016-059 Hong-Kong2016-063


I really liked the odd combo of bright colors and rather gloomy looking buildings in parts of the city.

Hong-Kong2016-065 Hong-Kong2016-072

It’s healthy- the chicken says so.

Hong-Kong2016-077 Hong-Kong2016-078 Hong-Kong2016-082


elephant towel stuck in barbed wire

laundry outside an apartment



Very Good Seafood Restaurant.   Not to be confused with the ‘Mediocre Sushi Bar’ or ‘Just Kinda-So-So Fish House’.


One of the series of moving walkways and escalators use to get people up and down the steep streets



And finally, a little abstraction taken from a taxi cab


Thanks for looking – more to come soon, so stay tuned!


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